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The Problem with Viral Videos

I would love for one (or more) of our videos to “go viral” but I’m not willing to put anyone at risk of physical harm to do that. And when someone needs help, my first thought is to help—not to video. We’ve all seen plenty of stupid stunt videos. That’s not what prompted this rant. [...]

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A Good Rule for Online Conversations

I confess: I indulge in gossip occasionally. But when I find myself in a conversation where other people are being discussed, I do my best to remember the rule my mother taught me: Never say anything ABOUT someone that you wouldn’t say TO them. It’s a pretty good policy to live by. Remembering it has [...]

Spelling Matters

In these days of email, social media and texting, we probably communicate more in writing than we did a few decades ago when we had to actually speak with each other because there was no immediate alternative. At the same time, our spelling and grammar skills seem to be on the decline. Whether it’s a [...]

Stand Up for America Challenge

I have been vocal about my disdain for and disapproval of Colin Kaepernick’s so-called protest against his country, expressed by refusing to stand for our national anthem. Besides the fact that Kaepernick is ill-informed and, in my opinion, just looking for attention, he’s being disrespectful to his country and fellow citizens. Does he have the [...]

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Setting Up and Managing a Facebook Group

Facebook groups are a great way to cut through the newsfeed clutter and engage in a meaningful way with your fans on Facebook. Benefits of having a Facebook group include: Any user can start a Facebook group on any topic. This makes groups a great resource not only for marketing but for internal business communications [...]

Social is Not for Selling

I’m in the mood to rant … A while back, someone I didn’t know sent me a friend request on Facebook. When I get those requests, I check out the individual’s profile to see who they are, what they do, what kinds of things they post and if we have any friends in common, and [...]

Use Free Images from the Internet at Your Own Risk

You’re getting ready to post a blog and you need an image. You’re in a hurry, so you do a Google search on “free images for blogs.” And you get 371 million results, but not all of those sources are for photos that are really free--and few meet your needs. So you try again, searching [...]

3 Tips for Keeping Track of Your Blog & Social Media Images

You know you need images on your website and blog, as well as to enhance your social media efforts. (If you don’t, here are six reasons why you need images on your website.) Creating your own images solves the challenge of creating those images (also known as digital assets), but what about keeping track of [...]

Backfire: A Dumb Approach to Online Reputation Management

No business wants to be the target of a negative review, but an apartment complex near Walt Disney World in Orlando took efforts to prevent negative online comments to an interesting extreme. According to the Orlando Sentinel and other sources, Windermere Cay’s lease included a clause prohibiting tenants from posting negative comments about the complex [...]