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Use Social Media to Breathe Life Into Old Blog Posts

Is your blog rich with content you've written over the last several years that's still relevant and valuable? Use social media to drive fresh eyes to those articles. Set up a series of social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and whatever other platforms your target market uses) with brief snippets of information and a link [...]

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5 Ways to Promote Your Business on LinkedIn

If you want to promote your books and other information products to a business audience, you need to be on LinkedIn. This guest blog by Sarah Brooks offers advice for promoting your business and yourself on this social media platform. LinkedIn is currently the preeminent general work and business networking site. Sure, there are plenty [...]

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Send a Test to Proofread Before Sending to Your Entire List

We all know the fastest way to find a mistake is to hit "send" or "publish" (or whatever means "too late now!"). If you're sending out messages using an email marketing service (I like and recommend MailerLite), send yourself and at least one other person on your team a test email so you can check [...]

Do Your Taglines and Slogans Mean Anything?

When I get new Twitter followers, I usually take a look at their profiles before I decide whether to follow them back. Recently I was followed by a company whose profile included this statement: We focus on customer satisfaction. Really? How many companies deliberately focus on customer dissatisfaction? Here’s another one: We live by the [...]

Why I Won’t Like Your Facebook Page if I Really Don’t Like Your Page

There are some good reasons why you should not “like” a Facebook page just because a friend asks you to. I have more friends on my personal Facebook page than I have people who have “liked” my business pages, and that’s okay. I’m also “friends” on Facebook with a lot of people I’ve never met [...]

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Current?

Is the information on your LinkedIn profile up-to-date? By Jacquelyn Lynn Earlier today I was on LinkedIn sending a connection request and, after I hit "send," got the usual list of people I might know and want to connect with. Scanning the list, I did see some people I know and a number of others [...]

Social Media Sense

Recently Facebook announced that it has removed the option to be unsearchable by name. While a lot of folks were gasping and chattering about this, others simply yawned. I’m guessing most were more bewildered than anything else. How important is this? TechCrunch writer Josh Constine says what it does is highlight the lack of universal [...]

6 Tips to Get Your Blog Comments Published

One of the more effective but labor-intensive content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies is to comment on blogs and leave a link back to your own website. Of course, a lot of people comment on blogs simply because they want to engage in the conversation. Most bloggers welcome comments, regardless of the poster’s [...]

How Twitter Users Bug Me with Direct Messages

While I’m active on Twitter, I don’t claim to be an expert on the social media platform. Even so, there are some things that even non-experts ought to know not to do with Twitter’s direct message feature, such as: 1. Sending boring automatic direct messages, particularly “thanks for following.” Yes, I know the social media [...]

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