Udis Gluten FreeI got irked with Udi’s Gluten Free this morning and Tweeted about it. Within minutes, I had a response from Udi’s and within an hour, the situation was resolved and I am a happy customer.

The story is a great lesson in how to do customer service via social media. Here’s what happened:

I was on Udi’s website looking for details on a product. The email sign-up box included an offer of a coupon, so I signed up. But I had a problem printing the coupon. (That’s another issue — if you’re going to offer coupons via email, make them simple to get.)

So I posted a Tweet and it was answered almost immediately:





They invited me to private message them with additional details, and it only took a couple more messages to resolve.

Their strategy was simple:

  1. Monitor your accounts so you can acknowledge the issue as fast as possible.
  2. Apologize and offer to help.
  3. Take the conversation off the public forum.
  4. Resolve the issue.

What do you do when someone posts a complaint about your company on social media?


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