Contests are a great way to generate sales leads, get customers to engage on social media, build loyalty and more.

But how often have you entered a contest (whether or not you thought there was a realistic chance of winning it) and then never heard another thing about it?

We have a winner!When you hold a contest, be sure to tell your audience who won. If possible and appropriate, include photos of the winners. Issue a press release, post it on your website and send an email to everyone who entered.

Why? There are a number of reasons – and benefits:

  • It’s one more way to connect – a legitimate reason for you to communicate with your audience, to put your name in front of them in a positive way.
  • It reminds your audience of your contest, giving you a way to maximize the investment of that particular contest.
  • It gives you a chance to remind people of future contests. In your email to all entrants, say something like, “If you didn’t win this time, try again. We’ll be launching our next contest [provide date and a few details].”
  • It proves that the prizes were actually awarded to legitimate winners.
  • It gives the winners a few minutes in the spotlight.
  • It satisfies the curiosity of everyone who took the time to enter.

Be sure your contest terms and conditions include consent for use of their name and likeness (photo). You may, of course, decide to protect their privacy by using just first name, last initial, and city, state.


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