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How to Hire and Work with a Ghostwriter (Part 1)

You’ve got a great idea for a book but don’t have the time or the skills to write it yourself You know you should be blogging but you’re too busy to do it regularly and effectively You’d like to produce information products but aren’t able to get them organized and written You know content marketing [...]

Why Direct Mail Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

If you think direct mail marketing is a dinosaur, you may be right – but it’s a dinosaur that is roaring back to life and proving itself more effective than ever. Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Sarah A. Jolie, president of the Hensley Company, a mail service firm based in Chicago. She shared [...]

3 Tips for Keeping Track of Your Blog & Social Media Images

You know you need images on your website and blog, as well as to enhance your social media efforts. (If you don’t, here are six reasons why you need images on your website.) Creating your own images solves the challenge of creating those images (also known as digital assets), but what about keeping track of [...]

What Makes Bad Blog Content?

Every book and article on blogging tells you that you need great content—and I agree: Great content is essential to any blog’s success. The flip side of great content is bad content. Bad blog content virtually guarantees that human readers and search engines will ignore your site. So what is bad blog content? Click here [...]

Use Email Templates – But Don’t Make it Obvious

Email templates are a tremendous productivity tool, but your readers shouldn't be able to tell that you're using a template. Ask any woman who has ever shown up at a party and seen another woman wearing the same outfit how she feels. That's how you ought to feel if someone recognizes your templates because they've seen [...]

What Color is Your Shirt?

Here’s an interesting bit of trivia that was in a marketing email I just received: Did you know that in the original Star Trek series 59 crew members were killed in action and 73% of them were wearing red shirts? Might want to avoid wearing red shirts -- or standing next to someone else who [...]

Are You Blocking Your Content?

If you’re going to invest in creating great content, why would you block people from seeing it? This is as much of a rant as it is advice. I get really annoyed when I respond to a content offer and then can’t get to it because it’s blocked by a bunch of pop-ups (either ads [...]

Are You Subscribed to Your Own List?

Do you receive the marketing emails your company sends out? Do you open them, look at the design through the eyes of your customers, check the offers and the links, even place the occasional order or put in a help request? If you don’t, you should. You may be thinking that you pay other people [...]

How Often Should You Blog?

How frequently should you blog? The short answer is: As often as you need to. How often you post will depend on your goals and resources. When it comes to content, you should always choose quality over quantity. The question is: What sort of posting schedule can you meet with the financial and time resources [...]

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13 Ways to Repurpose Blog Content

You’re creating great blog content, but is it working as hard for you as it could? Maximize your investment in your blog by using your content in other formats and platforms. Here are 13 ways to repurpose your content: 1. Combine several blog posts to create an ebook, white paper, special report or user guide. [...]