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3 Tips for Keeping Track of Your Blog & Social Media Images

You know you need images on your website and blog, as well as to enhance your social media efforts. (If you don’t, here are six reasons why you need images on your website.) Creating your own images solves the challenge of creating those images (also known as digital assets), but what about keeping track of [...]

Teach Your Readers How to Whitelist Your Email Address

Email marketing can be powerful -- but only if your readers know how to whitelist your email address so they receive your messages. In my blog "Do You Check Your Spam Folder?", I suggested that it's a good idea to periodically take a look at what your email system is reading as junk to be sure [...]

Is Digital Life Eternal?

Recently Jerry and I were featured in an article about what happens to digital assets after we die. Orlando Sentinel writer Kate Santich was reporting on Florida State Sen. Dorothy Hukill’s proposed legislation to deal with digital life after death. Click here to read the article and see the video online; click here to see a [...]

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Why You Need an Efficient File Naming Protocol

If you share any type of files with anyone for any reason, you need an efficient file naming protocol. Okay, I confess I just re-read that, and it made me yawn. But even though this sounds like a boring, geeky topic, stay with me. It’s important. A file naming protocol is the system you use [...]

Make It Easy for Readers to Comment on Your Blog

Most bloggers want comments on their posts, and for good reason. Comments are excellent gauges of reader engagement and great sources of future content ideas. They also have a positive impact on site ranking. So why make it hard for people to comment on your blog? Several years ago, I wrote a book, Words to [...]

Website Design: Why Image Sliders Don’t Work

What’s your reaction to a website that opens with images (and messages) that scroll across the top of the homepage? It’s a design element commonly known as sliders. I’ve never liked it, but I see so much of it, I assumed I was in the minority. Now I’m not so sure. I’ve been involved in [...]

What is your social media strategy?

You can’t make it through a day—or even a few hours—without hearing something about social media. A social media policy for your employees is essential. A social media strategy for your company is equally—if not more—important. Do you have one? Keep these issues in mind when developing your social media strategy: • Begin with developing [...]

A Social Media Tip for Constant Contact Users

If you use the "social media shares" feature of Constant Contact, here's a tip: Edit the announcement that will go out on your social media channels. The basic default message promotes Constant Contact (example: with a hash tag for Twitter and "check out my latest Constant Contact campaign" for Facebook). You can edit that language [...]