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10 Tips to Create Videos Your Viewers will Watch, Like and Share

Do you have a video marketing strategy? If you don’t, you should. According to Hubspot (makers of inbound marketing software), video should play a central role in your outreach and campaign efforts. More than half (54%) of consumers want to see videos from brands they support in comparison to email newsletters (46%). Hubspot’s research also [...]

The Problem with Viral Videos

I would love for one (or more) of our videos to “go viral” but I’m not willing to put anyone at risk of physical harm to do that. And when someone needs help, my first thought is to help—not to video. We’ve all seen plenty of stupid stunt videos. That’s not what prompted this rant. [...]

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Teleprompter Pro: Excellent App, Outstanding Customer Service

As the video side of our business grows, we recently decided it was time for a new teleprompter. The equipment we bought works with our Surface Pro computer, but we needed to purchase software separately. Jerry found the Teleprompter Pro, a great app that works on our computers as well as our smartphones. Most of [...]

You Bought the Rights to that Music, Didn’t You?

We uploaded a video to YouTube and were shocked when someone immediately lodged a copyright claim against us for the music we used. We have written before about how important it is to either own or acquire the rights to use the material on your website. The same applies to anything you post online, including [...]