Home Depot AC Summer Offer on Labor Day

On August 31, I received an email from Home Depot with the subject line:

Is Your A/C System Ready for Summer?

Really? My A/C system has been working overtime for months. And the email offered Labor Day savings – on summer A/C service? The end of summer is almost here. Maybe they’re getting a head start on summer 2015.

I think one of two things happened in Home Depot’s marketing department:

Either someone wasn’t paying attention or

the juxtaposition of the concepts of preparing for summer and Labor Day was a deliberate bid for attention.

And yes, it got my attention and I’m blogging about it, but not in a way that reflects positively on Home Depot (although I do like the store and shop there). My guess is that someone wasn’t paying attention.

Questions make great email headlines. But don’t let the question and the message behind it leave people wondering if you know what day it is.

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Jacquelyn Lynn
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